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About UI Overlord

With the introduction of Mythic’s Dark Age of Camelot – Trials of Atlantis, users were given the ability to create custom user interfaces. Unfortunately, only one custom user interface can be loaded at a time making it difficult for users who like to switch between several UIs. This tool was created to provide players with a simple interface allowing you to easily switch between multiple UI mods. (Click to enlarge)

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Listing of every character that you’ve logged on
Unlike the Dark Age of Camelot Quick Entry startup that only displays the 10 most recently played characters, this tool will list all the characters that you’ve logged on with.

Character Information (including window positions) are saved and restored for each mod
For example, if you log in using the mod “FreezeUI’ and arrange your windows, then later switch to “Diiver’s PodMod”, you’re window positions will be saved for each mod freeing you from the tedious task of repeatedly re-positioning your windows.

UI Overlord will automatically set your Dark Age of Camelot Interface settings to “Custom” (in case you forget)

Once a character and mod is selected, UI Overlord will launch Dark Age of Camelot and set your Quick Launch entry to the selected character.

Latest Updates:

6-27-4: Version 1.00 Released

I'm proud to annouce release version 1.0. Please send any bug reports to

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