Edit any Dark Age of Camelot custom user interface
As changes are made, the editor preview shows instant visual feedback.

Drag Controls
No more manually adjusting X,Y coordinates! With the DAoC UI Editor you can select controls directly from the preview and shift-drag them around a window.

Control Viewer
Full support for creating new controls, editing existing controls and removing controls from windows.

Asset Viewer
Provides a listing of UI assets and a preview. Users can add, edit, and remove assets.

Template Viewer
This view displays a filtered list of templates for a UI and displays a preview of how each template might look when applied to a control. Users can create new templates, edit existing templates, or remove templates from this view.

Visual Texture Editor
This tool allows you to visually set texture coordinates and sizes using a simple interface.

Adapter and Event Browsers
These browsers provide easy navigation when searching for adapter and event names.

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